How much do private tutors charge?

Answer states that fees vary according to the tutor's educational level, experience, subject and location. However, a high school student can charge $10 to $15 per hour, while a certified teacher... Read More »

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How much money do private tutors make?

Experienced tutors with at least one degree in the desired subject typically charge $40 to $70 an hour in 2009. Depending on his experience, education level, the tutorial subject and whether he wor... Read More »

What do private investigators charge?

The cost for a private investigator depends on what kind of services you need; if surveillance is required, how complex the case is, expenses and how long the case will take to complete. The fees f... Read More »

How much should a private tutor charge?

Fees charged by a private tutor depend on the tutor's education, experience and reputation as well as whether his or her clientele consists of individuals or companies. In the United States, privat... Read More »

What does a private tutor charge an hour?

According to, a tutor's hourly rate, without overtime, is between $10.26 and $21.90, as of May 2010. The pay rate depends on the employer (day care, K-12, college), the tutor's level o... Read More »