How much do private investigators get paid?

Answer Private investigators made an average of $24,180 to $47,740 annually as of May 2006, according to the BLS. The median earnings were $33,750. The lowest 10 percent in the field earned $19,720 and th... Read More »

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How much do crime scene investigators get paid a month?

According to PayScale, as of 2010, crime scene investigators, also known as forensic scientists, can get paid a yearly salary of $39,745 to $69,888. This salary range means that, as of 2010, forens... Read More »

Are private investigators legal?

Private investigators are in a legal profession and often relied upon in court cases to gather information, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, they must take care not to vio... Read More »

What do private investigators charge?

The cost for a private investigator depends on what kind of services you need; if surveillance is required, how complex the case is, expenses and how long the case will take to complete. The fees f... Read More »

Private Investigators Due Dilligence Checklist?

Part of being a successful private investigator is the ability to locate identifying data. Such identifiers generally include personal information, such as social security numbers, previous address... Read More »