How much do print models make?

Answer Print models, often referred to as commercial models, can make anywhere from $50 to $250 per hour. The actual amount made varies on the model's level of experience, type of work, desirability and l... Read More »

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How much does swimwear models earn (Male models)?

A top-model can earn milions of $$$,A new model - much less.

How much do sports wear models make?

Very few models are paid hourly unless they are promo models or working for a local photographer. If it's a shoot for a national brand, they are paid by the job. The amount depends on which agency ... Read More »

How much money do baby models make?

The average salary of a baby model in the United States is $20,000 per year. This salary, of course, varies greatly depending on the type of work the baby model is doing, the baby's experience and ... Read More »

How much money do hand models make?

Hand models are individuals whose hands are photographed for advertisements for watches, jewelry and other close-up hand images. The average salary for a hand model in New York City was $79,000 in ... Read More »