How much do plastic and reconstructive surgical nurses make?

Answer Salaries for plastic and reconstructive surgical nurses can vary according to whether they work in hospitals or in private practice. But plastic and reconstructive surgical nurses made an average s... Read More »

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How much do surgical nurses get paid?

The salary for a surgical nurse depends on what kind of surgical nurse he is. Average salaries for a surgical first assistant nurse, who can perform various tasks during surgery, including suturing... Read More »

Could an allergic reaction to surgical adhesive used in a plastic surgury procedure cause your sinuses to produce excessive amounts of mucous?

Answer When your body comes into contact with any substance that you may be allergic to (such as pollen, dust or even surgical adhesive), it reacts to it by trying to get rid of the foreign particl... Read More »

Day-to-Day problems faced by Nurses in rendering flawless healthcare services. Things that bother the Nurses?

What bothers me is the rapidly approaching nursing shortage. Our workload and job demands are increasing. Patients in the hospital are sicker than they were even 5 years ago and individual patients... Read More »

How can I tighten my anus Surgical or non surgical?

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