How much do photographers make yearly?

Answer In May 2008, the median annual salary of photographers was $35,640. Typically, salaried photographers make more than those who are self-employed or freelance. News and commercial photographers tend... Read More »

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How much do digital photographers make?

Photographers increasingly use digital cameras because of the ease of storing and editing digital images. Photographers earn a medial annual salary of $26,080, as of 2004. The median salary for pho... Read More »

How much do wedding photographers make?

A wedding photographer makes, on average, between $42,368 and $62,996 per year. Some wedding photographers may even make up to $75,000 to $100,000 in a six-month period. However, amounts vary signi... Read More »

How much do photographers for magazines like Vogue make?

Photographers for fashion magazines such as Vogue are among the highest paid in the industry. The upper echelon of photographers made more than $62,430 annually as of 2008, according to the Bureau ... Read More »

How much money do digital photographers make?

The average salary for a digital photographer is $42,000 as of July, 2010. However, salary can fluctuate depending location, company, experience and demand. The nature of work requires photographer... Read More »