How much do nurses of pediatricians make in a year?

Answer Registered nurses working in physicians' offices earned an annual mean wage of $67,290 as of May 2009, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Licensed practical and vocational nurses wo... Read More »

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How much do pediatricians make hourly?

Pediatricians with one to four years of experience earn a median hourly rate of $47.06 to $71.19, according to PayScale, as of May 2010. Pediatricians with five to nine years' experience earn $49.1... Read More »

How much do pediatricians make a month?

Pediatricians are doctors who focus on the treatment and care of children. As of May 2009, pediatricians earned $161,410 per year, which is about $13,450 monthly, according to the Bureau of Labor S... Read More »

How much money do pediatricians make at Kaiser Permanente?

As of May 2010, pediatricians employed by Kaiser Permanente received salaries with a median range of $115,962 to $157,975, according to Among all pediatricians, the median wage for pe... Read More »

How much do pediatricians charge for office visits?

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