How much do peacocks cost?

Answer Depending on the color and type of peafowl, an adult bird can cost anywhere from $250 to $300. Peafowl chicks can be bought for around $10, and hatching eggs can be found for approximately $72 for ... Read More »

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Where do peacocks live?

Peafowl, more commonly known as peacocks, come in three different species. Indian--or blue--peacocks live in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Green peacocks live in the southeast Asian countries of ... Read More »

Types of Peacocks?

Peacocks are showy, flashy birds that are known for their large tail plumage, brightly colored heads and proud avian strut. From the pheasant family of birds, peacocks are the male version of the g... Read More »

Where are peacocks indigenous?

Peacock refers to the male of the peafowl. Three species of peafowl come from various parts of the world. The Indian peafowl is native to India and Pakistan, while the green peafowl comes from Sout... Read More »

Do peacocks hibernate?

None of the species of peafowl (peacocks being the males), including the popular pet Indian peafowl, hibernate in the winter. They will seek out warm areas to roost when temperatures drop below 40 ... Read More »