How much do paramedical examiners earn?

Answer As of December 2009, paramedical examiners in the United States earn approximately $31,000 a year. Salaries for paramedical examiners will vary depending on experience, credentials, the size of the... Read More »

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How much does a paramedical esthetician make?

The salary range for a paramedical esthetician can range widely. According to the Occupational Employment Survey of Employers, the average yearly wage is $27,113 but the salary can range from $15,... Read More »

How much does a director of photography earn earn?

There is probably a union scale for the DP; depending on the project's budget, producer, and so forth.

Protocols for Lie Detector Examiners?

Lie detector examinations are often administered to determine the level of sincerity or truth in a person's responses. Lie detectors have a margin of error that make them inadmissible as evidence i... Read More »

What do medical examiners check the eye for?

Eyes betray a wide range of clues about a person, ranging from alcohol intake to cause of death. A medical examiner can gain valuable information by examining the eyes of living or dead subjects.Vi... Read More »