How much do optometrists make in canada?

Answer The pay range per year for Canadian optometrists varies based on experience in the profession. A new optometrist can expect to make between $77,000 and $127,000 per year. An experienced professiona... Read More »

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How much money do optometrists make?

Optometrists are doctors who treat patients when they need vision care. The average salary of salaried optometrists was $96,320 in May 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These optom... Read More »

How much do optometrists make per year?

PayScale reports an average salary for starting optometrists of between $70,199 to $93,051. At around five years on the job, this increases to $79,685 to $105,020 annually. Pay increases again to b... Read More »

How much money do optometrists make in a year?

The amount that optometrists earn each year depends on whether they work for themselves or for someone else. According to American Optometric Association, optometrists in private practice earned an... Read More »

How Much Do Optometrists Get Paid?

Optometrists may be employed in salaried positions in government agencies, doctors' offices and hospitals, or they may work for themselves in private practices. According to the Bureau of Labor Sta... Read More »