How much do oil rig jobs pay?

Answer Roustabouts and roughnecks, which are the entry-level manual labor oil rig jobs, earn $30,000 to $40,000 onshore (in the United States) and $47,000 or more offshore (overseas). More experienced wor... Read More »

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Are there any overnight/night shift jobs in Houston .... Nothing to do with stripping n jobs or that nature!?

If you are going to college, you need something that won't get you tired. Try Hotel jobs, Front Desk Jobs maybe.

Hey I'm Jordan I'm 12 and I'm trying to find some jobs for, what jobs would you have in mind?

Try here you might find them cheeper.…

Do Los Angeles have jobs that you work on a dock or go offshore or work on a train, any traveling jobs, beside?

You don't keep up with current events, do yo? California has the 2d HIGHEST unemployment rate in the country. Jobs of any kind are almost impossible to find. It could take you many MONTHS to find ... Read More »

Any jobs/volunteering jobs in nyc?

Here are several dozen jobs for you in the city. Good Luck!…