How much do nuclear power plants cost to construct?

Answer On average, the cost to construct a new nuclear power plant is two billion dollars. However, costs vary greatly, depending on the capacity of the new plant and its Nucle... Read More »

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Do nuclear power plants use radon?

Nuclear power plants do not use radon, but they do create radon as a waste product. Radon occurs naturally as a result of the decomposition of uranium. Radon is a known health hazard.References:R... Read More »

Is graphite used for nuclear power plants?

Graphite is used in some nuclear plants as a moderator, a material used to slow nuclear reactions, actually allowing more fission to occur. The UK's AGR and Magnox reactors and Russian RBMK reactor... Read More »

How many nuclear power plants are in Michigan?

As of 2009, the state of Michigan has three nuclear power plants, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The three plants are capable of generating over 31,000 kilowatt hours of e... Read More »

How many nuclear power plants are located in the usa?

According to the World Nuclear Association, as of May 2010, there are 104 nuclear reactors running in the United States. These nuclear reactors produce nearly 20 percent of the total electricity us... Read More »