How much do methol cigs cost?

Answer Regular cigarettes are so much better man, just get a pack of camel lights or something, those are some perfect smokes. If you really want menthols, I guess "Kools" are some of the cheapest menthols.

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Are Blu Cigs HEALTHY?

Get it right, folks. This is exactly why the internet is considered a poor place to do research. I'm considering 'electronic' cigarettes and don't really care if you think I should consume nicotine... Read More »

I smoke 60 cigs a day will i be ok?

How much are Marlboro cigs?

20 in a pack.5$ & change depending on where you get them:)

How bad is pot on your lungs vs. cigs?

The cannabis plant, even when smoked, does NOT cause cancer. Scientists have been trying to prove that it does for decades unsuccessfully. Cannabis smoke also does not damage lung function in the... Read More »