How much do merchant marines get paid a month?

Answer Salaries for merchant marines, people who work on a merchant sailing vessel, can vary greatly according to location and experience. However, on average, a merchant marine makes $3,750 per month, or... Read More »

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How much do marines get paid?

The salary of a marine varies depends on the rank and years of experience. The 2010 wage information released by the Marine Corps indicates that marines with zero years of experience on the lowest ... Read More »

How much do deployed Marines get paid?

It depends on your rank bro. But the good things is that Marines and other soldiers don't pay taxes while there deployed. So your check goes straight to bank.

How much do you get paid for joining the marines?

Although there isn't a specific amount paid to you for joining the marines, you will receive payment twice a month. The amount of money you'll get starts at $1,447.20 a month and goes higher, depen... Read More »

How much do Marines make a month?

Marine enlisted privates start out as E-1 at $1,447.20 a month, as of March 2010. As a commissioned officer, or O-1, the individual starts at $2,745 a month. The "E" stands for enlisted, and the "... Read More »