How much do medical malpractice lawyers make?

Answer The average annual salary for a medical malpractice attorney in the United States is about $51,000. This, of course, varies on the lawyer's location and experience. Medical malpractice lawyers repr... Read More »

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How much are medical malpractice settlements in ontario?

There is no specific settlement amount for medical malpractice. The amount of your settlement will depend on dozens of factors, including what type of malpractice occurred, how grievous your result... Read More »

How much does medical malpractice insurance cost?

The cost of medical malpractice insurance varies greatly depending on numerous factors. Those factors include, but are not limited to: 1. State where you practice (each State's Department of Insur... Read More »

How much do tax lawyers make?

In the United States, the median salary for a tax lawyer is approximately $163,000 (April 2008 data). This amount can vary depending on the firm, location, and experience.Source:Tax Attorney Salary... Read More »

How much do business lawyers make?

In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average yearly salary for all lawyers was around $110,000., however, put the median salary for corporate attorneys or business... Read More »