How much do medical coders make?

Answer According to 2008 statistics provided by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), credentialed medical coders make $43,100 while non-credentialed medical coders are paid $36,500. Hourly ... Read More »

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How much do certified medical coders make in AZ?

Certified medical coders working in Arizona earn between $10.55 and $20.31 per hour or between $21,944.00 and $42,244.80 annually, with the average certified medical coder in the state earning $15.... Read More »

How much do medical coders make in Louisiana?

The median yearly salary for a medical coder in Louisiana falls between $34,421 and $42,996, as of December 2009. The average medical coder salary varies depending on the employee's years of experi... Read More »

How much do medical coders make anually?

According to PayScale, as of 2010, medical coders earned hourly wages of $12.10 to $16.06, which is an annual salary of $25,168 to $33,404. Wages can vary based on industry, however. For example, i... Read More »

How much do medical billing coders make in an hour?

A medical billing/coding specialist averages around $14.00 per hour. The salary could range as low as $11.00 and as high as $16.00 an hour. Depending on education, experience and location of the jo... Read More »