How much do live lobsters cost?

Answer The cost of live lobsters varies by market and season. Live lobsters range from $7 per lb. to $15 per lb., costing less during the summer and in coastal areas such as Maine.Source:Welcome to the lu... Read More »

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Can live lobsters be frozen?

According to the Maine Lobster Council, live lobsters should not be frozen. Lobster intended for the freezer should be blanched in a salt brine mixture at a moderate temperature for 60 seconds. The... Read More »

Do lobsters live in groups?

Lobsters do travel in groups. This practice includes their migratory marches toward deep water. Lobsters are one of the few invertebrates capable of true navigation; they use the Earth's magnetic f... Read More »

How are lobsters shipped live?

Thanks to overnight shipping services, a person living far away from the shore can order live lobsters for tomorrow's dinner. Lobster vendors have a variety of methods to keep a lobster alive durin... Read More »

How long can lobsters live out of water?

Lobsters have special gills that enable them to breathe out of water. As long as you keep a lobster in a cool, damp place and its gills moist so they don't dry out and collapse, it can survive out ... Read More »