How much do life coaches make?

Answer The average salary for life coaches was $115,000 as of December 2009. That figure can be somewhat misleading, as only about twenty percent of life coaches have a salary that exceeds $100,000. Extre... Read More »

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How much money do life coaches make?

Life coaches are individuals who help clients set and attain goals for their personal or professional lives. As of March 2010, the average amount of money that life coaches made varied upon a varie... Read More »

How Much Do Life Coaches Get Paid?

Life coaches, considered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be part of the social and human services assistant field, work in a range of settings to aid their clients or patients in making positi... Read More »

Colleges for Life Coaches?

Life coach colleges are online and distance-learning based and although you don't have to be certified to be a coach, an accredited school is recommended. Life coaches help clients to reach specifi... Read More »

How much do life coaches charge?

The fees a life coach charges varies widely--in part because you need no training to become one, according to USA Today. Highly-regarded life coaches may charge up to $300 per hour, while others ch... Read More »