How much do law enforcement jobs pay?

Answer According to, a law enforcement agent can earn an average of $45,956 to $72,252 as of November 2009. Amounts will vary due to location, branches (local police, state patrol, FBI) and s... Read More »

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Different Law Enforcement Jobs?

Law enforcement is a wide field that encompasses many important careers. The major goals of everyone involved in law enforcement are to provide order, keep the streets safe and protect individual r... Read More »

Law Enforcement Officer Jobs?

If you have a strong desire to fight for justice and protect your fellow citizens, consider a career in law enforcement. You can be a State Trooper, FBI Agent or even a U.S. Capitol Police officer.... Read More »

Are law enforcement jobs in demand?

On One Hand: Yes, They Are in DemanUnlike certain industries, which may become outmoded as technology and the demands of consumers change, law enforcement will almost certainly remain a perpetually... Read More »

Top Paying Law Enforcement Jobs?

If you enjoy helping out your fellow community members then a job in law enforcement may be right for you. Law enforcement careers can range from police officers, probation/correctional offers to p... Read More »