How much do junk cars sell for?

Answer On One Hand: Selling Your CarThere are many options available for selling a junk car and making some money, including online services as well as local junkyards. How much they are worth depends on ... Read More »

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How to Sell Cars to Junk Yards?

Old cars can usually be traded in on new ones or even other used ones, but if you have one that is beyond usefulness, you might want to consider selling it to a junkyard instead. Sometimes cars are... Read More »

How much do reconstructed cars sell for?

While the specific dollar amount for any specific reconstructed vehicle sold is indeterminable without knowing more detail, most secondhand auto dealers normally work off a 300 percent markup on th... Read More »

How to Scrap Junk Cars?

When an automobile has been damaged, neglected or otherwise abused to the point that it no longer constitutes being a viable mode of transportation, it must be torn down for its component materials... Read More »

How to Buy Junk Cars in California?

Most California junkyards exist within a large and established network of junkyard proprietors and individual sellers throughout the state. Though a single junkyard or junk-car seller may not have ... Read More »