The Difference Between Journalists and Copywriters?

Answer At first glance, a journalist and a copywriter may appear to have similar job duties. Both of these professions involve writing for a living, but the similarities end there. The focus of the writin... Read More »

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Codes of Ethics for Journalists?

Because journalists have the important job of gathering information and presenting it to the public, they have a particular responsibility to their readers and their sources. On one hand, they must... Read More »

Code of Ethics for Professional Journalists?

Journalists are the gatekeepers and transmitters of news that take place in societies all over the world. The public expects the journalists' truthfulness as well as their willingness to write the ... Read More »

What did the journalists or political commentators on the PBS News Hour say about the state of the union address?

How to Conduct a Face to Face Interview for Journalists?

When done well a detailed interview will provide you with hard hitting quotes, valuable, and new information that will result in a comprehensive and informative piece of writing.