How much did iPods cost in 2007?

Answer According to the Internet archive website Archive's database of historical Web pages, Apple's online store listed the starting price of iPods at U.S. $249 for a 30-gigabyte model on January 1, 2007... Read More »

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I have gone through 4 ipods in the last year, how can i stop this habit of losing/breaking/stealing my ipods?

super glue the earphones to your head :) or you could make sure you KNOW not think but KNOW where it is at all times. or have a special spot you put it everytime at home. and don't bring it to scho... Read More »

Are all iPods video iPods?

Not every iPod supports video playback. For instance, iPod Shuffles have no video screen and the sixth generation iPod Nano plays only music. If your iPod has the "Videos" section on the main menu,... Read More »

Can you use 2 ipods on 1 PC?

Ipods Yes, if your computer has 2 USB ports.Independent from the answer above:You can use 2 but be careful about syncing them with iTunes on your PC. If you sync both of them then you will have the... Read More »

How to Use Two iPods?

The first time you add an iPod to iTunes, you are guided through a long process of registering your iPod, agreeing to a series of terms and conditions, setting up a new Apple ID, entering payment i... Read More »