How much do immigration lawyers make?

Answer According to 2006 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, all lawyers (including immigration lawyers) had a median salary of $102,470.Source:Degree Directory - Immigration Lawyer

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How much do immigration lawyers make annually?

As of January 2010, the average annual U.S. salary for immigration lawyers is $45,077, according to According to, immigration lawyers assist clients with visas, green cards,... Read More »

Information on Immigration Lawyers?

Most immigration lawyers never see the inside of a courtroom. Instead, they work over the phone, in person and through email to counsel and advise their clients. In some cases, clients include larg... Read More »

How much do tax lawyers make?

In the United States, the median salary for a tax lawyer is approximately $163,000 (April 2008 data). This amount can vary depending on the firm, location, and experience.Source:Tax Attorney Salary... Read More »

How much can adoption lawyers make?

The adoption lawyer's salary depends on the location that he or she practices as well as how much experience he or she has. Adoption attorneys help bring children into families that want them. Acco... Read More »