How much do horse shoes cost?

Answer Traditionally horseshoes were made exclusively by blacksmiths to protect the hooves of horses. Horseshoes should be changed in the range of six to eight weeks, depending on the individual horse and... Read More »

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Do I have to get my horse shoes?

Whether your horse needs shoes depends on the surface where he is most often and how active he is. Older horses out to pasture may need only the occasional farrier visit. Show-horses, race-horses o... Read More »

Who invented the game horse shoes?

The name of the individual or individuals who invented the game horseshoes is unknown; however, the game dates back to 2nd-century Rome, according to the New York Department of Parks and Recreation... Read More »

Do mules wear horse shoes?

Mules, much like horses, should have their hooves trimmed and shoes applied every six to eight weeks by a professional farrier. Mules have smaller hooves with thicker hoof walls than most horses, s... Read More »

The Correct Way to Throw Horse Shoes?

Whether throwing horseshoes at a backyard BBQ or playing for stakes among more serious enthusiasts, horseshoe pitching can be fun, as well as highly strategic. Dating back to the second century, ho... Read More »