How to Raise Hedgehogs?

Answer Have you ever raised hedgehogs? While many people prefer common pets, like dogs, cats, and fish, raising a hedgehog can be a lot of fun. Most household hedgehogs are believed to have originated in ... Read More »

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How to Breed Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs, although they appear spiky, can actually make loving, friendly pets. The most common type of hedgehog found as a pet is the African pygmy hedgehog. These little critters, which usually g... Read More »

How to Encourage Hedgehogs to Your Garden?

Hedgehogs are garden helpers in their native environment; they chomp up slugs and snails and remove them from the garden. If you'd like more hedgehogs visiting your garden, here are some things to ... Read More »

How to Care for African Pygmy Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs can be great pets. Learn how to take care of te creatures with this article!

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