How much do health insurance agents charge?

Answer Based on figures in India, the typical insurance agent makes approximately 16 percent off the top of each policy. For a $1,000 policy the agent would make $160. If the agent gets a customer whose... Read More »

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How do health insurance agents get paid?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of insurance sales professionals will increase by 12 percent by 2018. Health insurance agents earn their money in a variety of ways, dependin... Read More »

Who is in charge of New York's health insurance?

There are two people charged with handling New York state's health insurance. Public health insurance is handled by Dr. Richard F. Daines, the state's commissioner of health. The Insurance Commissi... Read More »

Does an employer based out of New York have to charge equally by class of employee for health insurance premiums?

New York Employer Health Insurance Premiums There are a host of variables that come into play with your question. For example, specific employment contract clauses, hire dates, etc. Call your ins... Read More »

If you are the custodial parent and have no health insurance but your new spouse does will your ex-husband's health insurance be primary or secondary?

Answer The birthday rule is often used to determine which plan is primary and which is secondary. Under this rule, the plan of the parent whose birthday occurs first in the calendar year is designa... Read More »