How much do golf caddies get paid?

Answer Golf caddies are paid a base salary of $40 to $100 per round and at least 5 percent of what's called the tournament purse. On top of that, the caddie can earn an extra 7 percent for a golfer who ma... Read More »

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How much money do golf caddies make?

Golf caddies on the PGA Tour earn a minimum of $1,000 per week plus a percentage of the prize money won by the player. According to Forbes Magazine, that percentage ranges from 10 percent if the pl... Read More »

How much money is paid out at the Masters golf tournament?

At the 2009 Masters, about $7 million in prize money was earned by the players. The winner in 2009 received $1.35 million and the last place finisher won about $19,000. The Masters Tournament is ... Read More »

If you were driving on a road that passes by a golf course and a golf ball smashed your windshield who is responsible?

Answer The person who hit the ball, and perhaps the course if they have not taken adequate precaution to prevent the ball from exiting their facilities onto a public road. Answer I disagree, whe... Read More »

Who makes golf towels for the Masters Golf Tournament?

Golf towels for the Masters Golf Tournament are made by Campus Sportswear Inc. in Champaign, Ill. Campus Sportswear's website makes PGA golf shirts and windshirts available for sale to the public.... Read More »