How much do funerals cost?

Answer Funeral expenses are something that you may not want to think about. But it is important to know how much a funeral will cost so that you may prepay for your own or avoid overpaying for a loved one... Read More »

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Buddhist Traditions for Funerals?

Buddhists believe that death is a time of transition, when the soul is reborn into the world of suffering on its journey to reach Nirvana. Buddhist funeral traditions vary by culture, country and r... Read More »

Why are bagpipes played at funerals?

The sound of bagpipes playing at a funeral can be very poignant. They are usually played at the funerals of police officers, firefighters and people with an Irish heritage.HistoryBagpipes have been... Read More »

What Flowers Are Proper for Funerals?

Traditionally, funeral flowers are used a means to express condolence and convey sympathy during an emotional time. Different flowers are symbolic of different feelings and sentiments, and flowers ... Read More »

What is the origin of flowers at funerals?

Using flowers to send loved ones on death's mysterious journey is a custom as old as grief and woven into all cultures. Flowers have been used to mask the odors of body decomposition and to symboli... Read More »