How much do foster carers earn in Australia?

Answer 80k tax free . Make sure you get a special needs child. Make sure you are single ..then you get the single parents pension. Live off that and SKIM the rest . My neighbor has had three new cars in t... Read More »

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You are a foster parent you are in Michigan a foster parent support group looking for a adult foster child to come and share their story with about 200 other children and foster parents.please help us?

Your question is unclear to me. However, I will let you know about me.I was a foster child, along with my 4 siblings, as our mother died when i was 3. I/we were raised in foster homes until we each... Read More »

How much do orthodontists earn in Australia?

According to, as of March 2010, orthodontists in Australia earn an average of AU$95,000 ($85,671) to AU$184,456 ($166,342). The unit of currency is the Australian dollar, which is abbr... Read More »

How should carers deal with conflict when transferring an individual?

How come women seem to be the primary carers of unwell children ?

I think it is because traditionally women were the caretakers and men the breadwinners. That doesn't mean it is going on in all homes, take single dads for example... they are are taking care of th... Read More »