How much do flutes cost?

Answer As with all musical instruments, the cost of a flute depends on a number of factors including manufacturer, materials and more. That being said, they typically range from as low as $75 for a used o... Read More »

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How to Tell the Age of Flutes?

Flutes are commonly considered to be one of the earliest known musical instruments, with some archaeological examples dating back more than 43,000 years. They appear in the musical evolution of nea... Read More »

The Difference in the Yamaha 221 & 225 Flutes?

Yamaha manufactures a wide range of musical instruments, including flutes ranging from the simple for the beginner to the more advanced models. Each level is designated by a series, such as 200, 30... Read More »

How to Make Flutes at Home?

Flutes are some of the earliest musical instruments made. You can buy a modern flute made of metal that is used in orchestras and bands. Flutes are also made of wood and plastic. Native Americans m... Read More »

Who makes the best student flutes?

On One Hand: Department Store Flutes are CheapIf you are buying a flute in a department store, toy store or big box store, you have probably found a cheap flute. These instruments will play, but th... Read More »