How much do exterminators cost?

Answer The cost of an exterminator varies widely depending on several factors: whether you're seeking rodent or termite extermination; your state and city of residence; the size of your home or apartment;... Read More »

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Do moles killed by exterminators suffer?

Some exterminators do indeed club them to death, since it has been done for generations. The one's that are poisoned only go through about 3-4 minutes of pain before becoming paralyzed until starv... Read More »

Will Exterminators Take Care of House Centipedes?

You may be tempted to call an exterminator after a centipede suddenly darts across your floor, but the occasional centipede in your home isn't a problem. If you have a lot of centipedes, an extermi... Read More »

WasWondering why don't exterminators have payment plans for bed bug treatment?

The reason is because it takes special chemicals to kill them. Bed bugs are highly resistant to almost all pesticides. Basically the regular pesticides just irritate them and cause them to leave an... Read More »

Have a big problem with mice have tried everything on the market including professional exterminators.?

jeez, when an exterminator can't do it, they don't know their stuff ! Some exterminators have 'Licenced' mice or rat poison, that will help, you may be able to "Carefully" "Spot" it around... Read More »