How much do dumpsters cost?

Answer Dumpsters generally sell for upwards of $5,000, depending on size, condition, and whether they are used or new. Kansas City-based Locanto, for example, sells a 20-yard dumpster for $5,300 and a 40-... Read More »

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How big are dumpsters?

Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes. Depending on your application, the four most popular sizes are: 10 to 15 cubic yards, which hold up to 1.5 tons; 20 cubic yards, which holds three tons; 30 cub... Read More »

How to Use Dumpsters in New York City?

The largest city in the United States, New York City is home to an estimated 20 million people. With this many people on the island of Manhattan, sanitation matters must be strictly regulated and e... Read More »

Is it illegal to throw trash in other people's Dumpsters?

Throwing your trash in other people's Dumpsters is considered theft of services, since you are stealing trash disposal services you haven't paid for. If someone is throwing trash in your Dumpsters,... Read More »

Are there laws in New Jersey about mandatory number or size of dumpsters for condos?

You can review the New Jersey condominium law to discover if this detail is covered there. Most likely, it is not. Each year when the treasurer puts the annual budget together, the process include... Read More »