How much do donkeys cost?

Answer According to Equine Now, in 2010 a donkey costs between $75 and $4,500. This price is dependent upon a number of factors including breeder, confirmation, sex, color, personality and size. The Turni... Read More »

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Can donkeys have babies?

Donkeys have 62 matched chromosomes and can reproduce normally and bear offspring, unlike the hybrid mix of a mule or a hinny, which is a cross between a horse and a donkey.Source:Stanford School o... Read More »

Can donkeys reproduce?

Donkeys reproduce with each other or with horses. Donkeys that reproduce with other donkeys produce donkeys. A male donkey that reproduces with a female horse produces a mule. A female donkey that ... Read More »

How do donkeys sleep?

Donkeys are similar enough to horses that the two can breed, but they can't produce fertile offspring. Like horses, donkeys are able to sleep in a few different ways and the way they choose to sle... Read More »

Are democrats donkeys?

The donkey is generally accepted as the political symbol of the Democratic party, but has never been officially adopted. The concept was first embraced by Andrew Jackson in 1828 when he was mocked ... Read More »