How much do digital camcorders cost?

Answer Camcorder prices range from about 100 dollars and up. Depends which one you buy.Acualy they can range to 400 to 9,000

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Do camcorders take digital still photos Want either digital camera or camcorder What should I go with?

Digital cameras and Camcorders does their best in their own environment. You can meet halfway but be prepared to make some sacrifice. If you shoot lots of videos, choose a camcorder, as it will s... Read More »

What are digital camcorders used for?

Answer Anything people want to record and have digitized memories of.

Are camcorders as good as digital cameras?

the resolution of a standard definition mini dv camera (camcorder) is 720 x 480. This is far below the resolution of most consumer grade digital still cameras. For example, a 6 megapixel camera h... Read More »

Why do Digital Projector bulbs cost so much?

They are difficult and expensive to make these lamps. They are high pressure mercury arc lamps. If they are not built properly, they can easily rupture in a short amount of time.There are only 3 ... Read More »