How much do d&g sunglasses cost?

Answer In November of 2009, D&G women's sunglasses are priced from $159 to $194 on the Dolce & Gabbana website. One men's pair was listed at $149. On the Neiman Marcus website, other D&G styles run as hig... Read More »

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How much does it cost to have my Ray-Ban sunglasses repaired?

Ray-Ban offers a repair service for sunglasses that are out of warranty. The company does not specify a repair cost until it has received the glasses and determined the issue. As of 2010, Ray-Ban r... Read More »

Do you wear sunglasses What kind of sunglasses do you prefer, color, shape, style, brand or anything else?

the sqaure kind of type sorry cant get a pic but they are squre and look good on anybody every color looks cool so ya they are like the movie 3d glass also any thing thats diffrent i have sunglasse... Read More »

Poll: Do you wear sunglasses with contacts or prescription sunglasses in summer?

I wear prescription sunglasses. I don't love contacts and my eye doctor said wearing contacts for long time is bad for eye health. The prescription sunglasses I wear are not the ugly old styles. I... Read More »

Which pair of fashion sunglasses is cooler and what elements should I know about sunglasses?

Lady Gaga's sunglasses are really cool. In my opinion, you need to pay more attention to the lens rather the frame styles. There are many things you need to know before you choose a pair of sunglas... Read More »