How much do dental hygienists make an hour in Ontario?

Answer The average dental hygienist in the Canadian province of Ontario earns $33.75 an hour, according to 2007 figures from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. According to the governmen... Read More »

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How much do dental hygienists make in Michigan?

Dental hygienists working in Michigan earn between $26 and $42 per hour, which is between $51,569 and $81,940 annually. The average salary of a dental hygienist working in Michigan is between $60,0... Read More »

How much do dental hygienists make in the military?

During your training as a dental hygienist in the military you will make $14,400 per year plus medical benefits. After four years of training you could make $28,000 per year in addition to military... Read More »

How Much Do Dental Hygienists Make a Year?

The dentist isn't the only qualified professional in a dental office. The dental hygienist is the dentist's right hand and is integral to the running of the office and administration of basic proce... Read More »

What is the income for dental hygienists?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average full-time annual income for dental hygienists in 2009 was $67,860. Annual income varies widely, with the lowest 10 percent of dental hygieni... Read More »