How much do crime lab technicians get paid?

Answer The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an annual median salary for a crime lab or forensic science technician (as of 2008) of approximately $50,000. This figure can vary considerably depending on e... Read More »

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How Much Do Crime Scene Technicians Earn Per Hour?

Crime scene technicians, or forensic science technicians, play a vital role in investigating and solving crimes. Their special skills include gathering, storing and analyzing physical evidence left... Read More »

What are the biggest problems crime scene technicians encounter?

Crime scene technicians are responsible for collecting evidence at crime scenes, from assaults, burglaries and automobile thefts to sexual assaults and homicides.Securing the Crime SceneThe first o... Read More »

How much are radiology technicians paid?

A radiologic technician or technologist is responsible for preparing patients for radiology procedures as well as conducting x-rays. Radiologic technicians can expect to earn a base salary of $35,... Read More »

How much are ultrasound technicians paid?

Ultrasound technicians fall under the category of medical sonographers. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in May of 2008, the average annual salary was $62,660 and the average hourly... Read More »