How much do cosmetologists get paid yearly?

Answer How much cosmetologists get paid depends on their location and number of years experience. A cosmetologist with one to four years' experience will make $13,161 to $30,152. With more than 20 years' ... Read More »

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How much does a photographer get paid yearly?

AnswerAs much as they can get or as much as they are worth!This is a very open ended question... It would depend on the type of photography, how good the photographer was... Etc... I know a photogr... Read More »

How much do nasa scientist get paid yearly?

No. If they did, they could get a nice bump up in their budgets to go see what made them!

How much does a tow truck driver get paid yearly?

According to The PayScale Report as of May 2010, tow truck drivers earn an hourly wage of $10.03 to $14.85, with tips of 33 to 71 cents and overtime ranging from $14.71 to $22.51. With annual bonus... Read More »

How much do massage therapists get paid in yearly salary?

The PayScale Report states that as of July 2010, massage therapists earn $11.83 to $30.45 per hour, with $2.07 to $7.04 for tips and $11.93 to $29.70 for overtime. Adding annual bonuses of $51.06 t... Read More »