How much do contact lenses cost?

Answer Contact lenses typically cost between $150 to $400 per year, depending on the type of lenses and where you buy them. Monthly disposable lenses are closer to $150 for a year's supply, while daily di... Read More »

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Hi,I wear contact lenses but my lenses are RPG lenses the hard lenses they are very expensive, althought the contact lenses you ar talking about would and are much cheaper, firstly you will require... Read More »

How much do disposable contact lenses cost?

The price of disposable contact lenses varies by brand, but All About Vision states that daily disposable contacts can cost as little as one dollar a pair. One to two week disposables usually cost ... Read More »

How much do color contact lenses cost?

Colored contact lenses range in different prices due to the different companies that produce them. They are usually between 20-40 dollars per box. You can get what they call "plano" contact lenses ... Read More »

What is the general cost of disposable contact lenses?

They vary wildly according to the type of lens you have and the perscription. If you have astigmatism for example torics are normally 50% more expensive than normal lenses. Daily disposables tend ... Read More »