How much do consultants charge to create employee handbooks?

Answer The fees charged by consultants to create employee handbooks vary to a great degree. Most consultants will figure a flat fee for production, and a per word rate to come up with a total amount per h... Read More »

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What is correct property consultants or properties consultants?

10 consultants become property consultants. if there are 6 different sites and they handle: if there are 4 different types of consultants [leasing, parking, capital equipment, maintenance] they ... Read More »

How Much Do Fashion Consultants Get Paid?

Fashion consultants, sometimes called personal stylists or image consultants, help people find the best clothes to wear. They also guide clients with hair and makeup so that the client looks better... Read More »

How much do legal nurse consultants make?

As of May 2010, certified legal nurse consultants working for incorporated companies and private practices received average salaries of $75,490 and $60m000, respectively, according to Read More »

How much does leasing consultants make at Vandenburgh Place Apatrments in troy ny?

They make a little over $20,000 a year and a small bonus to start out.