How much do consultants charge to create employee handbooks?

Answer The fees charged by consultants to create employee handbooks vary to a great degree. Most consultants will figure a flat fee for production, and a per word rate to come up with a total amount per h... Read More »

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What is correct property consultants or properties consultants?

10 consultants become property consultants. if there are 6 different sites and they handle: if there are 4 different types of consultants [leasing, parking, capital equipment, maintenance] they ... Read More »

Is it Legal to Charge a Pre-Employment Background Check to an Employee?

Pre-employment background checks are becoming more common as the 21st century progresses. While the nature of certain jobs requires various degrees of screening -- checking for criminal records whe... Read More »

Can a Company Charge an Employee for Turning in a Late Time Sheet?

The Fair Labor Standards Act prohibits employers from charging an employee a late fee for failing to turn his time sheet in at the close of the monthly payment cycle. Employers can, however, use co... Read More »

Does an employer based out of New York have to charge equally by class of employee for health insurance premiums?

New York Employer Health Insurance Premiums There are a host of variables that come into play with your question. For example, specific employment contract clauses, hire dates, etc. Call your ins... Read More »