How much do computer programmers get paid?

Answer An entry-level computer programmer encodes, tests, documents and debugs computer programs. They usually work with supervision. According to, as of 2009, the average entry-level computer ... Read More »

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How to protect your eyes when using computer(for computer programmers)?

Gunnar optics is geared specifically for YOU, and gamers. They are specifically designed to reduce stress on your eyes for long hours. Otherwise my optic doc told me that if I spend 1 hr staring ... Read More »

What Tools Do Computer Programmers Use?

Computer programmers write every aspect of any piece of software that makes a computer run, calculate, record, analyze and output data. Approximately 80 percent of the software design process is pe... Read More »

What Are the Duties of Computer Programmers?

Computer programmers design, build and test essential software. The software development life cycle, of which there are many different models, governs the duties of computer programmers to ensure t... Read More »

How much do NASA computer programmers earn?

The founder of N.A.S.A. was Dr. Smith de France (The California location)