How much do companies spend on marketing?

Answer Amount of annual dollars a company makes will determine the amount of money spent on marketing. The average marketing is roughly 9 to 12 percent of an annual budget. A million dollar company will h... Read More »

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How much does Apple spend on marketing?

According to its 10-K filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Apple, Inc. spent over $501 million on advertising in fiscal year 2009. This was an increase of $15 million from fiscal ye... Read More »

How much do pharmaceutical companies spend on advertising?

The United States pharmaceutical industry spent $57.5 billion on promotion and advertising in 2004; this is 24.4% of the entire budget. Compare this with only 13.4% of the budget spent on pharmaceu... Read More »

How much did companies spend for radio advertising in the Golden Age?

Austin C. Lescarboura outlined what companies paid for radio airtime during the Golden Era of Radio in his article, “How Much it Costs to Broadcast,” published September 1926 in "Radio Broadcas... Read More »

Types of Marketing Companies?

Marketing firms assist companies and organizations in their attempts to create consumer interest in that organization's product or service. While the industry has its roots in print and radio adver... Read More »