How much do clinical psychologists earn?

Answer According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median amount for a clinical psychologist to make is about $64,140 annually, as of May 2008. Employment for a clinical psychologist is proj... Read More »

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How much do clinical psychologists earn per month in South Africa?

According to, clinical psychologists in South Africa earn a base salary of R128,715 to $308,368 ($16,997 to $40,722) per year as of May 2010. Adding bonuses of R11,391 to R20,112 ($1,5... Read More »

What is the job of clinical psychologists?

Psychology is a broad field encompassing the study of cognitive and emotional processes. Clinical psychologists, who represent the largest specialty in this field, work to help individuals identify... Read More »

Can clinical psychologists identify themselves as psychiatrists?

Although both clinical psychologists and psychiatrists work with patients to achieve mental and emotional health, the two occupations have different training and education requirements. For example... Read More »

How much money do clinical psychologists make?

Clinical psychologists average $63,935 a year, according to, as of 2008. Clinical psychologists with 20 or more years' experience average between $65,126 and $101,543 a year. Salary d... Read More »