How much do child birth hospital bills cost?

Answer Answer This answer depends on so many factors: in which area of the country the person lives, how much the hospital charges for various services, whether or not the woman had a vaginal or caesarian... Read More »

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Are parents liable for hospital bills when an adult child is on access and can't pay?

Ask the hospital to allow you to sign a finiacial hardship letter. But you will have to prove hardship.

What is the cost an premature baby birth in the hospital?

There is no way to accurately predict when you will have your baby

What is the hospital policy for a mother and child to be discharged after giving birth?

When I was discharged they told me that I have to be wheeled out in the wheel chair because it was "policy" honestly I don't understand why if I wanted to walk out. But I can't change it.

How much does a natural child birth cost?

nothing it just comes out the womans tummy !! Megan 11