How much do charter bus drivers make?

Answer The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that charter bus drivers made a median hourly wage of $11.50 as of May 2006. The BLS also states that benefits vary widely between different employers.So... Read More »

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How much do charter bus drivers earn in South Carolina?

According to, the average charter bus driver in South Carolina earns $41,000 annually, as of April 2010. This is estimated to be about 14 percent lower than the national average annual i... Read More »

How much money do charter boat captains make?

Charter boat captains are independent contractors and, as such, set their own rates. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that individuals within this industry earned between $7.73 and $20.0... Read More »

How much do UPS drivers make in a year?

If you like to drive and do not mind sitting longer or lifting light items, you may enjoy being a UPS driver. As a UPS driver, your typical salary will be $24.69 per hour which will add up to $51,8... Read More »

How much do UPS drivers make an hour?

UPS drivers are paid between $24 and $31 an hour, according to Glass Door. The average hourly rate is $28, not including benefits or potential bonuses. Drivers at UPS are covered under a union cont... Read More »