How much do careers in radiology pay?

Answer Radiology is the field of medicine that deals with using radioactive energy to create images of the interior structures of the human body, such as bones, muscles, nerves, the brain and spinal cord.... Read More »

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Careers in Forensic Radiology?

Radiology, the science of using X-rays, began with the invention of the X-ray machine in 1895. Forensic radiology began months after when an X-ray machine was used to locate a bullet lodged in an a... Read More »

Radiology Manager Careers?

A radiology manager, also known as a medical imaging manager, is responsible for making sure a radiology department runs smoothly, whether in a hospital or a private clinic. This job requires advan... Read More »

Radiology Sales Careers?

A radiology sales career begins with the successful completion of a formal training program in radiology, as well as gaining experience as a licensed radiologic technologist. With experience and ad... Read More »

Careers in Radiology Tech?

Radiologic technologists perform diagnostic examinations of patients in hospitals, clinics and health care centers. Most use X-ray technology to create and develop images of patients' bodies. Physi... Read More »