How much do bussers make an hour working at restaurants ?

Answer I wouldn't take that job.No way. Bussers are paid minimum wage and SOMETIMES a share of the tips.-

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Are bussers in restaurants paid minimum wage in california?

In the state of California, restaurant owners are required to pay all their employees at least minimum wage. Effective January 1, 2008, California minimum wage was set at $8.00 an hour. Restaurant ... Read More »

How much does someone working for the Cleveland Metroparks as a cashier make an hour?

you will get a little over minimum wage, working as a cashier.

How much do registered nurses working in long-term care in Minnesota make per hour?

A registered nurse working in a long-term care setting cares for patients who cannot care for themselves and who live in assisted-living facilities. In March 2010, lists an average sala... Read More »

How much do bussers make at the Cheese Cake Factory?

It would be the better idea with the job that you're making minimum wage, $8.25, at. Bussers do not make many tips, at all. A great percentage of the tips goes to the waiters/waitresses and the bus... Read More »