How much do businesses spend on advertising each year?

Answer Typical advertising costs for retail businesses range from less than 1 percent up to 10 percent of their sale profits. For example, according to Business Week, Wal-Mart spends around .4 percent but... Read More »

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How much do small businesses spend on Yellow Pages advertising?

The price of advertising in the Yellow Pages can vary greatly depending on the size of the advertisement and the publication in which the advertisement is placed. The cost of the advertisement can ... Read More »

How much does Nike spend on advertising a year?

Nike's 2009 Form 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows a demand creation expense (the company term for advertising and promotion) of $2,351.4 million for the 2009 fiscal yea... Read More »

How much does the US spend on its military each year?

More than 500 billion dollars... more than anyone else in the world; China: 91 billion Iran 9 billion:)

How much does the average american spend on gas each year?

According to the The Bureau of Labor Statistics April 2009 report, the average American spent $2,384 on gasoline and oil in 2007. This rose around seven percent from 2006.Source:Consumer Expenditur... Read More »