How much do builders mark up a house?

Answer A builder's markup on a house depends on many different things including location and building materials and the cost of the lot, but the average is between 15 and 30 percent. In some cases, it can... Read More »

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How much do instant credit builders charge?

The typical cost of a credit builder usually depends on the number of accounts that you have on your credit report. You should expect to spend around $800 to have a professional company boost your... Read More »

What to do if builders work at the exterior of the house when you are at work but they want to use toilet?

How to Have a Realistic 'House of Night' Mark?

Have you ever wanted to have a realistic looking House of Night mark? This is the article for you.

How much is the mark up in Silverado trucks?

The mark-up for a Chevrolet Silverado varies depending on the truck's age, condition, and features. A used Silverado is usually marked up by 12 to 14 percent if sold by an individual. A dealership ... Read More »