How much do bookkeepers make per year?

Answer Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping clerks had a median annual salary of $30,560 and occupied over two million jobs in 2006. The bottom ten percent earned less than $19,760, while the top ten perc... Read More »

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Advertising Ideas for Bookkeepers?

There are numerous ways in which you can advertise your business if you're a bookkeeper. The key is finding the right target market --- people who are most likely to use your service. Bookkeepers u... Read More »

What is the Salary Range for Bookkeepers?

The salary range for bookkeepers is between $10.07 hourly for the lowest paid 10% and $23.68 for the highest paid 10%. This translates to annual salaries spanning from $20,950 to $49,260. Wages v... Read More »

Can a 11 year old boy make a 16 year old girl pregnant?

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Can a 15 year old boy make a 15 year old girl pregnant?

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