How much do bodyguards earn?

Answer According to The PayScale Report, a bodyguard earns an average total pay of $48,224 to $81,867, as of April 2010. Ranges for popular industries that use this profession include: $43,643 to $78,759... Read More »

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How much do bodyguards make?

Bodyguards with one to four years' experience earn from $40,521 to $74,220 a year, according to, as of April 2010. Bodyguards with 10 to 19 years of experience earn $54,349 to $101,536... Read More »

Where are the bodyguards in"Mafia Wars"?

Mafia Wars allows three ways to get bodyguards: via loot drop from doing the "Protect Your City from a Rival Family" job, through loot drops during fights, or other players can send you them as gif... Read More »

How to Hire Female Bodyguards?

We predicted the surge of the need for female bodyguards a couple of years ago. It was not that it was rocket science, but the fact that a female bodyguard or female executive protection agent, hav... Read More »

Licensing Requirements for Bodyguards?

A person cannot simply jump into a phone booth, emerge with a suit, sunglasses and an ear piece, and start guarding very important people. Becoming a professional bodyguard requires a license that ... Read More »